MV Studio: Is it true that showering during a storm is dangerous ?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Is it true that showering during a storm is dangerous ?

Maybe you have ever asked this question while you shower when there is a thunderstorm, you bathe with something of fear , and nothing happens , but still keep wondering , is it true that bathing is dangerous during a storm ? Especially when you hear stories that such a person was struck by lightning while he showered .

Well, the writer Anahad O'Connor titled his 2007 book " Never take a shower during a storm." If lightning strikes your house or a building, all protected. Because ray electricity seeks the path of least resistance to the ground and travels through a good electrical conductor such as metal structures , ducts or pipes to the ground.
But showering or even washing dishes in the sink makes run the danger of electricity flowing into the home while it rains. So the water flowing through these tubes full of energy could reach you. Although not very likely to happen yes it is possible .
According to the National Weather Service of the United States the chance of electric shock while you bathe or wash is one in 775 , 000 times .
It is best to take precautions. An isolated case that is possible is that of Josephine Martine , a UK woman who received an electric shock when a storm lashed the area and she was in the bathtub , says the magazine Quo.com.mx

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