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Friday, December 13, 2013

5 techniques to maintain active neurons

Have we lost so memory technology that thinks for us? Perhaps, is the most accurate answer .

Internet is that it is almost not even necessary to bring the memory learning. Everything is within reach of a click. Are we stunting our cognitive ability ?
" That's right. By not actively use our brains and full mechanical responses are limiting ourselves to no real learning, eventually causing a reduction of neural connections . Therefore, locks are produced in our limbic system , where memory is , "says psychologist Solange Hair Velozo specialist cerebral gymnastics.
No turning . Everything points to be glued to the phone or the computer, we would certainly be letting loose speakers as mere phrases, or recorded only in the memory of our hyper-intelligent virtual machine data.
Because when we talk about memory , clarifying the expert , one must understand that it is a process performed by synaptic connections that allow you to save and bring this information , whether data , feelings, memories, experiences ...
Now, there are different types of memory. For example , he explains, is the " short term " , which retains information only seconds , "long-term " , which preserves the memory from minutes to years, " sensory " , which is what our senses and recorded "operational "which allows you to run multiple learning how to write or listen to a song.
Therefore, she claims to have a good memory means properly express what they learned, where the hippocampus area of the cerebral cortex plays an important role in memory and learning. " Only the constant use of memory allows us to keep our brains in shape, ie mind and body working together as a whole ," he stresses .
Can we improve memory ?
Luckily you can . There are exercises , games, food and techniques to strengthen and increase our memory capacity.
"The idea is to synchronize our activities cerebral hemispheres to work together on an emotional and rational level ," says the psychologist.
But such training does not always happen that way . It is precisely for this reason that , according to Solange Hair, kids today present many difficulties in learning .
" They do not move as we did we where playing meant running, jumping or just a riddle ," recalls . Is that these exploits neighborhood and entire afternoons in the courtyard of the house have been replaced by hard PC games , cell phones and game consoles classic .
What to do then ?
Mention memory games like sudoku , puzzles, or whatever a mental challenge that promotes increased neurological connections .
It also recommends eating foods with Omega 3 and phosphorus and also impact memory. "Our body requires a balanced and varied diet , it is also relevant for brain and memory ," he says .
Physical activity is another element that positively influences the status of a good memory.
The psychologist says that all motion allow anchoring a real learning . Therefore , body and mind must be constantly in use . "In addition , it frees us from stress and produces endorphins that allows us to improve the confidence and self esteem ."
other training
The goal is to consistently use the neurons and the ability to remember . Training must go slowly , as a good sport program . From simply memorizing the phone number of the family, or you have a mental agenda and other written, to go practicing remembering commitments .
In that sense, it will also be of great help :
1. Try a sleep : So achieve consolidate and enhance learning, increase our memory storage . A nap , actually is a pause that allows reconstruction and energizes our brain.
Two . Drink water : It will help to be awake and stop inwardly say, " wait for me , the name on the tip of the tongue" ... No tea , juices and drinks , pure water.
Three . Eating fish : " The people doing 60% reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's," according to a prominent research at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. The study suggests that eating fish once a week delay by 10% each year cognitive decline , equivalent to slow the biological clock three or four years.
April . Maintaining social encounters : Socialize face to face would change structures of the frontal lobe of the brain related to the making, control and preparation of plans. In other words, exercising the mind and memory.
May . Sport and outdoor recreation : To preserve brain health is the best physical exercise regularly. With cardiovascular movement increases the blood supply and oxygen to the brain neurons strengthening .

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