MV Studio: 5 tips to not excite a man you do not care

Friday, December 13, 2013

5 tips to not excite a man you do not care

Some women are flirtatious by nature, and for that reason is that not even realize they are.
 This is not bad at all, is part of the spontaneity , the only problem is that more than once a broken heart from someone who is ilusion├│ with mixed signals .

If this is your case, and some guy you do not like begins to see with different eyes , try applying the following tips to help you subtly tell him you're not interested .
1. Will not smile : Many women smiles you give away almost by inertia , but some men think it's a sign of flirting .
Two . Do not ask what school was , how his parents are, how they see the future, etc. . Too an interest in the personal life of a man, can be interpreted as you want to be part of it . If you notice that he is deluding you , avoid talking about your privacy.
Three . Do not show emotion if you like the same things to you : If you express too much emotion when a guy tells you he likes a certain song , movie or hobby , you may believe that you are really interested in him and want to have things in common.
April . Do not hug : If you notice that you are interested in and you do it , do not hug . Lends itself to misunderstanding.
May . Do not answer your messages on Facebook or Twitter : You may get used to quickly respond to messages that people leave you on social networks , especially if you have a smartphone with internet access. But the head of some men, this can be interpreted as a sign of romantic interest or concern .

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